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For over 2 decades we’ve been perfecting the virtual workplace, a single place to unite global teams for productive collaboration. We have created a graphic user interface that is intuitive, fun and instantly global. iOffice® is open, extensible and easily integrates Microsoft Office 365 or any other application designed for browser desktops. Originally this was developed as a custom interface for a large global enterprise. Now we're opening the iOffice® as a cloud-hosted platform for any project team, or organization that wants to extend cloud-based teamwork. Click to download or view Whitepaper

Why Consider This?

The appeal of forming virtual teams is clear. Employees can manage their work and personal lives more flexibly, and they have the opportunity to interact with colleagues around the world. Companies can use the best and lowest-cost global talent and significantly reduce their real estate costs. But how do you create and lead an effective virtual team? We are experienced helping organizations navigate collaboration challenges. We provide a platform, templates, methods, tools and ways to integrate both legacy applications and the most advanced web productivity, collaboration and business intelligene applications.

Define Purpose/Budget

The earliest virtual teams were formed to facilitate innovation among top experts around the world who didn’t have time to travel. Today teams of globally dispersed employees are often a necessity of doing business. Companies can boost virtual groups’ productivity, even beyond that of teams who share office space. We have the knowledge, experiece and models to help you design a successful virtual team strategy. Before selecting your team be speciifc in defining purpose with detailed expectations and benchmarks. Define roles, performace objectives, resources needed and cost justifications.

Team Selection

Our work with companies from large multinationals to tiny start-ups has taught us the most effective virtual teams are small ones—fewer than 10 people. iOffice® has developed a model based on defined roles, skill sets, process models and benchmarks for accountability. Small narrowly focused virtual teams have the greatest track record in achieving success. We can help you select or train people who have the right attitude and skills and then provide them with the platform, tools and applications you and the team are most comfortable with. We also provide leadership training for optimal team performance.

iOffice® Virtual Workplace

Over two decades experience developing teamwork productivity applications helps us understand how to connect people with the applications, data sources and domains they need to get work done. With built-in tools like iTabs, Process Modeler, iOffice® IM and Project Manager, we provide a framework that gives users a special "place" outfitted with the right tools for productive teamwork. With detailed requirements in place we can then integrate any application, tool, or data resource desired by you and the team members.

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Why iOffice® Rooms?

Having a "place" to work with the right context and tools makes all the difference. iOffice® rooms are designed around proven user requirements. All of the objects and artifacts within an iOffice® room replicate their physical counterparts. Some rooms are generic others can be custom to a specific role, organization or team by an Admin using the iOffice® API. Workrooms are especially useful as you can create workrooms for specific projects and build context specific content libraries for training, for customers, and around technology categories. When you store documents, applications and media in rooms it makes it easier to find them.


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